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Meet Maggie Smart

Maggie Smart  is an Amazon bestselling author with over 8 books to her name. 

She helps people who want to release their works from the moment the idea for a book drops in their mind to the point where they self-publish. 

She walks them through the entire process till they get to their desired destination.


Testimonials from Maggie's Clients

Testimonial by Lady Theresa

Maggie Smart is that editor that you would not regret doing business with. If you’re looking for someone to bring your thoughts to life by putting them into words, then I endorse her 100%.

You don’t just need someone who can write or who can edit but someone who would take your job as theirs, someone who would be so invested in making sure that your work comes out right.

I am very meticulous about what I want, and with the back and forth communications we had in a bid to perfect the work, she was patient all through.

She is that person that no matter the work or stress in the course of getting your work out, she will always be there, listening and open to suggestions and corrections.

If you need a go-to person to edit, ghostwrite or just tell a story around your business, Maggie Smart is your girl. I endorse her 100%.

Lady Theresa

Testimonial from Fola Folagbade (Pholar Studios)

Every business needs a Maggie, when she came into mine, I didn’t know I have just made one of the best decisions.
Maggie has this calm spirit, she asks the necessary questions and always wows me when she delivers.
It’s been few months working together and I must say it’s been worth it. Thank you so much for the relief you bring, we’d be working together for many years to come. Cheers.

Fola Folagbade
(Pholar Studios)

Testimonial by Doryn Ayodele

When I contacted Maggie I was about to throw in the towel about publishing my book(Things I Wish I knew Before I Started my Business) because everyone I had worked with in the past had ripped me off.
But Maggie refused to let me give up.
Her professionalism is top notch.
I am so grateful to her.

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Best Sellers by Maggie Smart

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2,000.00 1,000.00
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1,000.00 700.00
3,000.00 2,000.00
5.00 out of 5
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