Change, a constant in our existence

Change will take your past and turn it into your future

Change will take your dreams and turn them into your realities

Change will take your pains and turn them into your gains

Change will throw away your uncertainties, and help you embrace the unknown

Change doesn’t care about where you’re coming from, it only cares about where you can be

Change is constant

Change is the future…

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

Early this morning by 5 am thereabouts, I suddenly woke up from a sound sleep with these words ringing in my head; change will take your past and turn it into your future.

I stood up right away, grabbed my phone, opened my Evernote app and quickly penned down these thoughts. I’m glad I did.

As humans, we can be radically scared of change. We sometimes see it as the enemy, as that thing that never has our best interests at heart. This is an unfounded fear though because no matter our thought processes concerning change, it is forever constant. This means we cannot avoid it.

No matter what we do, change will be there. It will be there to turn those dreams into realities, it will be there to open our minds, thoughts and lives to endless possibilities. It will remain with us all the days of our lives.

To me, change is akin to a horror story. Subconsciously, I constantly sabotage myself when I see it coming. Why? Because I’m so scared of what it will bring with it. I constantly ask myself if I’m ready for the growth, if I’m prepared for the new exploits and beginnings. When I can’t fully answer these questions to my satisfaction, I sabotage my positive results. I stop doing those things I’ve been doing that have been giving me said positive results and I withdraw into my shell of inactivity. That way, I feel safe.

Of course, I don’t see these things in such a way when they’re happening. I give myself excuses instead. Oh, I’m too tired; I’m not seeing enough results, why should I continue; this is too much work, I don’t have the time or energy for it. These are some of the excuses I give myself.

It’s only recently that the Holy Spirit opened my mind to this destructive patterns, and He has been helping me work on changing them. I still get scared sometimes, but now I have a better understanding of my fears, and I am able to work on them.

Have you been sabotaging yourself when you see a transformation coming or have you been embracing it fully, excited for what the future will bring? If you’re among the former, ask for help today; ask the Holy Spirit to open your mind to see the beauty and excitement it brings, he is ever ready to provide help when you ask. If you’re among the latter, congratulations and keep soaring.

I wish you heaven’s best.


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