I had a Dream

I almost gave up on my dream.

I am reading the book, The Alchemist presently and it made me reminisce of years past. I remembered that once upon a time, I almost gave up on my dreams.

Years ago, when I released my first book Wild Child; it was a paperback novel and I was so excited. There’s something about seeing your name on the back of a book cover. It inspires you, motivates you and just makes you so very proud of yourself. Oh, I was proud of myself all right.

I released the book into the world, launched it successfully and made the production money back just from the launch (oh, how that encouraged me), then it became time to actually sell and I became stumped.

You see, when I was working on the book, I had this vague idea that once I release my work into the world, marketing angels will just spread the word, the world will know about it immediately, and just like that, I will become an instant bestselling author. Alas, that turned out to be so far from the truth.

I launched and then I couldn’t sell. I took it to bookstores, talked to people about it and was able to sell some copies but nowhere near the 1,000 copies printed. To cut the long story short, I had to give away most of the books.

This eventually crippled my desire to pursue my dreams of becoming a writer. I didn’t see the need to write books I had no means of selling. I was truly crushed and couldn’t go on. For years, I hung my writing tools and refused to pen anything down. It took another visitation from the God of Dreams for me to awaken once more to my true potential. I knew at last that I could do nothing but write so I had to figure out ways to make it work. I finally did, and today, I am a bestselling author.

You see, sometimes a huge disappointment might have made you give up on your dreams. Maybe, you think the journey to success is too long, or maybe, you think the rigors of the journey are more than you can bear. I want to encourage you this day and tell you the journey is all part of the learning process. The journey makes the victory much sweeter and enjoyable. When you can look back on all you’ve gone through and you finally arrive at your destination, then you are excited that you made it.

Won’t you rather have a story to tell? The journey is good, and it is exactly what makes success worth having.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Fight to keep it alive and you will be glad you did so.

I wish you a sweeter journey to success.



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