I have been conditioned

I have been conditioned….

I would have beaten my son black and blue this afternoon, but…

This afternoon, when I got back from church, I decided to have a cup of beverage before food got ready. When I was done, I asked my 4 year old to take the breakable cup to the kitchen. He did so.

A few minutes later, I asked him to take something else to the kitchen and the next thing I heard was the sound of something breaking. I quickly ran in and saw the cup I just used on the floor, in broken shards.

After he explained what happened, I realised it was a mistake. I quickly swept up the broken shards.

While sweeping, a thought occurred to me. In the days of our parents, the child would have been beaten black and blue for breaking that cup, and that is what we have been conditioned with as adults.

Even now, as grown as I am, I still feel extremely guilty when I break things. Why? I’ve been conditioned to feel that way.

That particularly is not where I am going with this. I want to tie this in with failure.

Most of us have been conditioned to feel extremely bad and disappointed in ourselves when we fail. We have been conditioned to see failure as the enemy rather than a helping hand.

Failure, for some of us usually means giving up. When we fail at something, we refused to try again. We see it as the end of the road.

Today, I want to challenge us to a different thought process. What if we see failure as feedback? Failure is just trying to let you know that you can try to do things in another way. You can think outside the box, change your methods, your approach, and then experience a different reality.

Failure is our friend.

Let’s begin to view it that way and it will make all the difference in our approach to our works and how we view life.

Of course, I’m not advocating mediocrity, but sometimes after trying all we could, we could still experience failure. What then do we do? We should see it as feedback and act accordingly.

Does this make any kind of sense? Let me know your thoughts.

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