Va va voom

Va va voom

Va va voom!

As you aspire to be an author, you should view life itself as a writer would.

All experiences, both your own and other people’s, whether happy, sad, frustrating or tragic should be seen and examined as potential material for you to use. I am not saying you should exploit people’s pain, but your pain and the pain of others could be a good fodder for your books.

I am such a follower of this rule that most times when friends and family are discussing around me, if they don’t want to see their story in my next book, they warn me not to share or write about it (Yes, I’m baddoo like that…lol).

This is especially important for anyone who plans to be a novelist or a fiction writer. Everything around you should be seen as a potential subject for a new story.

In order to make the most of what is happening around you, you should try to use all your senses all the time. Nothing should escape your observation. You should become an inquiring person. Ask yourself questions about why things are being done, the background to
events, the circumstances that surround them and the reaction of both those involved and those merely observing.

There are ideas for stories, if only you can recognize them.

The truth is that even if you write fiction, your story must be believable enough for your readers to relate to. Except you want to go all out and become a fantasy writer, then your stories must have the believability
factor. That way, your readers can relate and bond with your characters.

A reader had this to say about my bestselling book, Beyond Now

“I find it classy and very warming, its more like you are speaking to lives!! Not disgusting, the choice of words are gud and you were diplomatic in choosing places not some random people that will write places that never exited in a City

This is a typical Nigerian life but highly classic
Loads of love, am not just a mentee( not sure if this word exists) but am now a fan🤟🏼😇😇”

You want to get to the level where readers can gush about your books and become instant fans! Create that va va voom effect always. That is the height. That is when you’ve done your job.

In my book, The Smart Writer’s Handbook, I asked some questions which will help you gain clarity in writing your books and turn readers into instant fans.

I leave you with this; “your readers are the tank in your writing vehicle. You want to constantly fill that tank up with quality fuel.”

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