Our Services

Our Services

After my post yesterday, I got some questions regarding the services my company offer. Some folks reached out to me and asked me to explain what these services entail. To this end, I decided to give a brief explanation of each.

Business Storytelling

It is not a secret that the ability to create relevant content is integral to a business’s success today. Again, it is not enough to just create content, but the ability to tell captivating stories about what you do and how you help the world will go a long way in helping your customers make informed buying decisions and go for your products and services. 

At Maggie Smart Media Company, our aim is to ensure that you are able to tell these stories around your brands, products, and services in a way which will connect with the hearts of your intending and existing customers.


We know how difficult writing can be for some people and because of that we came up with a package that would make writing a breeze for anyone. Just tell us your book idea and we would take it from there, be it fiction or non-fiction. This is what our team of professionals is trained to do – to handle any topic and do justice to it. 


This package will be especially useful for our career speakers and pastors who have a lot of recorded speeches. Do you know how easy it would be to convert all those speeches and messages into a book? Sure, you can sell a bunch of messages but how much more prestigious would it be if those can be packaged into a book and disseminated as a whole? We are just a call away.  


This one is very dear to my heart because I know the value of a book that is properly edited. A lot of what we see out there is less editing and more proofreading and the thing is that more books need more editing than proofreading.

A good editor has the ability to turn nonsense into something that makes absolute sense while still keeping the integrity of the message and the author’s voice. We are in dire need of good editors and this is what I am offering here.

Other book deliverables (book review, description, and blurb)

Recently, it came to my knowledge that many people find it difficult to write their book descriptions, summaries and blurb by themselves. I have found it difficult to do this for my own books too.

A book’s description or blurb can help a wavering customer make a positive buying decision, so, this cannot be overlooked in any way. Very good copywriting skills are needed here and that is what we bring to the table at Maggie Smart media Company.

All these deliverables are what we offer as a premium package. Just choose your preference and let’s get to work.

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