The Stables of Knowledge

The Stables of Knowledge

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary – Jim Rohn

I have always found a recurrent opinion about people I work and interact with, and it is the fact that they get impressed by the level of knowledge I possess and the words I use when I talk or tell stories.

I could always be found to use unpopular words and sometimes even I get impressed by the type of words I use. By the nature of my work, I deal in words and because of that, I need to constantly deposit into my bank of words. Consequently, I read a lot.

One of the things you’re most likely to see me doing is either writing or reading. From the point when I knew me, I had always had a love affair with books. I started with reading the Pacesetters Series to James Hadley Chase to Harlequin, and now there is a lot more diversity in the content I consume.

Reference Points

What all these do for me is give me a lot of reference points to telling stories for my clients. It gives me the ability to talk about anything without having to first do endless research. If I need to do any research at all, it is to expand the knowledge I already have. This has constantly played out in my work, ergo, clients are impressed by my capabilities.

I meet a lot of writers who say they don’t read and I wonder what they write about if they don’t. You cannot write in a superior way if you’ve not honed your reading skills. There is a lot of competition out there and you need every arsenal in your power to win the battle. How are you different?

Again, if you want to be paid superior fees for your services, you have to be prepared to do something extra, go the extra mile and be better than everyone. That is the standard.

Your fight is different – John Obidi

I urge you today to fight in a way which will guarantee your victory.

The price of ignorance is too high to pay.

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