Ready to Rumble

I am ready to rumble….

Today, I turn 16 and this is the day I plan to get my very first kiss.

16 is already looking a lot promising than 15. For one, I’ve got my very own Clyde.

I met Tony last week in church. His family just moved into the neighborhood and thankfully, his dad chose my church for the whole family to attend.

We saw each other for the first time during our youth Sunday school hour and immediately our eyes met, I knew he was the man for me.

My virgin heart did a little flip-flop and i had this delicious tingling all over my body. That was all it took. That was the beginning of our roller-coaster relationship.

Tony is such a perfect gentleman. We don’t go to the same school, so it’s not been easy to find time to be together. We try to meet in Onome, my best friend’s house after school. Onome has a room to herself and her parents are usually not home, so that plan works some of the time.

My biggest challenge with Tony is getting him to kiss me. Even utilizing every feminine wiles I possess, he refused to. After much coaxing, he promised to kiss me on my sixteenth birthday, and here we are.

Tony is older than me, he’s 18 already and a part of me still feels he sees me as a little girl. Well, all that will be remedied today. I’ve been practicing with my old barbie doll and I think I’ve got the hang of this kissing business.

Bonnie is so ready to rumble. All I need now is my Clyde to figure that out.

I’m tired of Tony being my imaginary boyfriend. I’m tired of thinking up fantasies in my head.

Tony, don’t you see me looking at you?

I’m 16 now, and ready to rumble.

Maggie Smart, bestselling author of BeyondNow.

Daily Lines; my novels’ excerpts

Daily Lines
I’ll be sharing excerpts of some of my novels from time to time using the hashtag #DailyLines. This is in a bid to share my works with my readers and intimate you with some of my best books.
I will also share excepts from some of my favorite books, scenes that resonate with me and inspire me. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey and also share it with your friends.
I’ll also love to read your thoughts. Feel free to holla.
This one is a scene from my personal novel, Twice Bitten. #TwiceBitten tells the story of Ella and Daniel. Ella is a two time divorcee and she was not looking for the third. Enters Daniel, a tall, dark, handsome and business savvy gentleman. Can you guess what happens? Enjoy…
“You’re late.” Came a clear, crisp voice from the end of the room.
I whirled around and saw a man seated behind the biggest desk I had ever seen. The desk almost spanned the width of the room. He barely had space to move out from behind it. He was not smiling and his desk was not inviting either. Why does he need a desk so big? I thought. This must be the man I was supposed to meet, Adelaide’s cousin.
“I’m so sorry. I ran into some difficulty while coming.”
“Save your excuses, lady. I don’t have time to wait indefinitely for an appointment that was supposed to start twenty minutes ago. I have too much to do.”
“I know and I’m sorry. My car was towed by an angry LASTMA official and I couldn’t change his mind. I had to get a taxi here. I’m so sorry for coming late.”
“Lady, save your platitudes. I would have cancelled the appointment but I’m going on with it because of the glowing recommendations my cousin gave you. Now, will you sit so we can get this thing started?”
I was fuming. How dare this arrogant man talk to me this way? I’m not anybody’s lackey. I’m a woman in my own right and I don’t appreciate his curt orders nor his offensive address. I sat on the oversized chair facing his desk with all the dignity I could muster.
“Well?” he asked, while I had barely sat down.
I opened my purse and withdrew the CV I prepared for this interview. “Here is a copy of my resume. You’ll find in there the jobs I’ve successfully done and the recommendations I got from said jobs.”
He didn’t even accept the document. He just stared at me.
“Since you’ve wasted half the time allotted to this interview, you’ll have to impress me with your words. There’s no time to read that. And you have to be very persuasive; so far, I’ve seen nothing to impress me.”
I couldn’t take it anymore. “You have been insulting me since the moment I stepped into this room. If you can get off your high horse long enough to accept my apology and let me explain myself, we might start off on a better foot.” I snapped.
“Well, well, well. She’s got fire.”
I tightened my mouth to keep from talking anymore. I had gone and blown the chance I had with my big mouth.
“Point of correction though, I didn’t attack you the moment you got in; as you spent those few moments gawking at my office.”
I shrugged. “Impressive enough but in my opinion not a very good job.”
I looked at him suspiciously. Is this another trap so he can jump down my throat again? He seemed amused though, not angry. I decided to go ahead anyway.
“Yes, really.” I looked distastefully at the monstrous desk.
“What would you do differently?”
“Well, for starters, I’ll get rid of that monstrosity you call a desk.”
He gasped. “What? My desk? Do you know how much this desk costs? Besides, it’s a tactic designed to intimidate and command presence.”
“I figured. I don’t care how much it costs, it’s hideous and you don’t need it. You command enough presence as it is.”
I cringed as I realized what I just did. I just paid him a compliment. Darn! He was smiling; the arrogant bastard. I ignored his smile and kept glaring at him.
“Interesting. What else have you got? I’m listening.”
I stood up to better access the office. I’m in my element, confident in my skin and in my abilities. “I’ll get rid of this carpet and……”
“I love this carpet.”
“The color is too dull, I’m aiming for a lighter, brighter color.” I walked to where the table and chairs are set. “Then, I’ll re-arrange this whole space to look more inviting. This……”
“What’s wrong with that space as it is?”
“It’s too close, too clustered. And will you let me finish my thoughts before interrupting me again?”
He smiled impishly. “Go right ahead, ma’am.”
My back was turned from him so I was able to roll my eyes. Now I’m ma’am, no longer lady?
“Thank you, kind sir.” I smirked. “Some of these paintings have got to go, there are too many. Another tactic meant to intimidate?” I looked back at him.
“You got that right.”
I laughed. “You’ve got this intimidation thing right down to a science.”
“Is it working?” I was startled to hear his voice right behind me.
I turned to him. “Not really. Did you think it was?”
“I wouldn’t have minded.” He smiled.