Maggie Smart's Profile

Maggie Smart is many things. Some know her as The Queen of the Pen, others know her as The Bestselling Author, while some others know her as the ‘badass’ story-teller. On here, you’ll see different shades of Maggie.

Let’s start from the very beginning…

When Maggie was seeking for admission to the University, her father told her to pick medicine as her first choice. She had never seen herself as a doctor, but she couldn’t defy her father, so she did as asked. Unfortunately for her dad but fortunately for her, she wasn’t offered admission in Medicine. She ended up studying Chemistry.

Why did I say fortunately for her? Because Medicine was not in her DNA. Writing is.

Maggie Smart is a passionate story-teller. Her stories are fictional yet real enough to pierce the heart of every reader and imbue the right message. Having worked with numerous brands, organizations, and professionals, she has garnered so much experience which translates to her work and how she writes.

Maggie studied Sciences in the University, but her passion lies in writing. She left the Science world to pursue a career in Arts. With a diploma in Journalism, she has garnered enough clout and experience to wow her readers.

When she was about to release her first novel, she approached many traditional publishers but was constantly denied. She got so many rejection letters but she didn’t let that faze her. After thinking on the next step to take, she decided to self-publish.

Welcome to Indie Publishing, Maggie.

Her journey into self-publishing began and she has not looked back since then.

Maggie has written EIGHT books, one of which is an Amazon bestseller. She has reached readers all over the world with her works.

She also works with professionals in the capacity of a transcriber and a ghostwriter. In this vein, she has helped many people birth their books and even publish.

Combining her many years of experience, she helps people who wants to release their works from the moment the idea for a book drops in their mind to the point where they self-publish too. She walks them through the entire process till they get to their desired destination. Many people have been able to birth their dream books this way.

If you’ll like to work with her, just click on the Contact icon on the home page and shoot her a message.

Maggie was born to write, to impact the world and change ideologies with her gifting, and she is thrilled to have you here.

Join her as she takes you on the ride of a lifetime.